FAQs About OM5 Fiber Optic Cable

FAQs About OM5 Fiber Optic Cable Data centers everywhere are moving quickly to manage ever-increasing bandwidth demands. And the emergence of cloud computing has acted as catalyst for driving even faster adopting of new network technology and higher bandwidth. Speeds as high as 40G and 100G Ethernet have already become mainstream in data centers, and the... Read more »
May 4, 2017

MPO/MTP Connectivity System Overview

MPO/MTP Connectivity System Overview As the demand for high-speed transmission and data capacity is becoming much greater than ever before, 40G and 100G has become a trend and hotspot for data center cabling system. Many IT managers are turning to MPO/MTP technology, since it can provide ideal conditions for high performance data networks in... Read more »
January 10, 2017